CHILDREN OF WAR Screening in Los Angeles

It's been a while I know...and I hope this finds you happy and thriving.  If you're in the Los Angeles area, I'd like to personally invite you to a screening of the award-winning film SATURDAY (April 13th), 7:30pm at the AERO THEATER in Santa Monica. It would be great to see you and catch up!!!  Also, feel free to share information about this film via your social media sites.  

CHILDREN OF WAR, a film produced and directed by BRYAN SINGLE. This documentary, filmed in the war zone of northern Uganda, follows a group of child soldiers as they exit the battlefield, enter the sanctuary of a rehabilitation center and undergo a remarkable process of trauma therapy and emotional healing.

CHILDREN OF PEACE UGANDA, an organization founded by JANE EKAYU, who is featured in the film working at the Rachele Rehabilitation Centre in Northern Uganda as a trauma therapist for former child soldiers rescued from the Lords’ Resistance Army.

This film is incredibly moving and it's been such a humbling experience spending time with Jane and listening to her story. Not only is she an inspiration, but Jane is a living example of compassion, forgiveness, determination and Love.

One more thing...Bryan and Jane will be present for a Q&A following the screening and a special performance by percussionist LEON MOBLEY, poet PETER J. HARRIS, guitarist DAVID NEAL and me!!! Hope you can join us!!!


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